Discover Kalamazoo and the Promise of Google Fiber              

Why is Kalamazoo the best choice for Google Fiber for Communities? 

1. City and Township Governments are supportive.

Government leaders from the Kalamazoo, Portage and surrounding townships have expressed support for the project both by issuing statements to the press and recording videos.

2. City and Township distribution infrastructure is available.

The Citys and Townships own water and sewer distribution infrastructure, power poles and other infrastructure that can be made available to support the project. 

3. Locally owned Telecom is supportive and has 400 sheath miles of fiber already in the ground.

Climax Telecom is a locally owned telecom that has already run 400 sheath miles of fiber in Kalamazoo, they understand the logistics of building out a fiber network in Kalamazoo and have offered their knowledge, expertise and support to the project.  In addition there is dark fiber owned by the health care system and business that can be made available as well.

4. Residents and community leaders are enthusiastic and supportive of the project.

The website you are now reading was created by a group of volunteers in the community that are enthusiastic about this project.  Other community members have recorded videos, spread the word door-to-door, promoted the project on social media sites, arranged discussion groups and much more.  Please take a look at the videos below for more information about Kalamazoo a taste of the support that residents and community leaders have shown for Google Fiber for Communities.

Google Fiber Broadband Map

2014 Update: While Kalamazoo hasn't gotten access to Google fiber yet, we're still hoping. Until then, we recommend to see if you can get either AT&T U-verse or Verizon FiOS in your area.

We recommend these two companies because AT&T U-verse is FTTN (fiber to the node) and Verizon FiOS is FTTH, just like Google Fiber.

What is Google Fiber?
Google recently announced that it is looking for a community to partner with to develop new ways of providing fiber optic based internet directly to homes in order to make Internet access better and faster for everyone.They are looking for a location or multiple locations that will give them the opportunity to build and innovate a comprehensive fiber internet network to at least 50,000 people.  Google will allow other internet service providers, including your current provider to use the fiber networks they install as well as offering service at competitive prices.

What is fiber to the home?
Having fiber optic cables running directly to the home means that extremely high speed internet would travel through the entire fiber optic network without having to slow down to go through copper wire when it reaches your house.  Fiber networks are currently often set up between major institutions such as hospitals and universities to ensure they quick and direct flow of information. Fiber to the home would make that same sort of direct connection between your own computer and the entire fiber network.

How much does it cost?
Google has announced that it will offer access to these fiber networks at competitive prices and the internet service providers that choose to use the fiber network would be allowed to charge their own prices, so there will be competition and you can shop around for the best deals.  Part of Google's interest in this fiber network project is the chance to discover new cost saving ways to install a fiber network that gives everyone access to the internet.

What is the City of Kalamazoo doing to get Google Fiber?
The City of Kalamazoo is currently filling out a 26 page Request for Information, a document provided by Google that seeks to build a community profile, asking questions about geography, current internet access and other factual questions. What Google does not really ask in the document is why they should choose Kalamazoo.  Google wants the people of Kalamazoo,Portage, Oshtemo and Kalamazoo Township to answer that question themselves.  That is why Google has provided the option to "Nominate your Community". This is our only chance to show them what an amazing place Kalamazoo is and why Google should desperately want to build a fiber network in our innovative community.

How to I sign up for a Gmail account?

Nominating your community does require you to have a Gmail account.  Getting a Gmail account however, is free and takes little effort on your part. All you need to do is go to to sign up for your free account. After that you can use the account as much or as little as you want.